“Frankenstein’s Army” (A viewers review)

As this review will not be professionally polished for I am not a ‘Critic’, I will do my best to get you to understand how enjoyable I found this film from someone who needs a film to look interesting to watch it. 

“Frankenstein’s Army”, am amazing film which came out late June (UK), is one of the most glorious shock, gore films I have seen in a while. I took to this film as soon as I had seen the trailer, although it was a few months after its initial release in the UK, so I decided to watch it. After this I have to say that what this film has is what, I feel, current films are missing. Although this film doesn’t have an in depth plot as well as it’s lack of character depth, I was fully engrossed throughout from the curiosity of the slow start to the horrific creations designed and re-birthed by Dr. Vicktor Frankenstein. On the subject of the found footage style of which this is filmed; I’m not a huge fan, but I felt the suspense, the shock and just the feeling of fear of the ‘unknown’ that the characters also felt.

Speaking of the characters; the energy that comes across from the screen to the viewer is near intense in the feeling of not knowing what is behind each corner in an unknown setting such as a secret nazi lab in the middle of the woods that from a glance, looks more safe than the outside placement of WW II. As I am a fan of practical effects as well as ‘monster movies’, I found this film a treat, unlike the people who needed something to complain about in an independent film – which is also Richard Raaphorst’s directing début.

Along side other low-to-no budget films, “Frankenstein’s Army” is far beyond what people may expect for a found footage thriller gore-fest. If you’re willing to give it a chance; disappointment is at a minimum. Which leads me to think that it should have a better reception that what it has received by some reviewers. Don’t forget, cheese sometimes tastes nice. In my personal opinion, CG and digitized effects are used to much to make a film look good when physical horrors make a film experience feel much more real to the viewers. And as this film uses good quality practical effects and costumes, the zombots are absolutely horrifying, although you must see a certain humour in the sense of nazi corpse robots that are all still ‘living’. 

Hopefully you enjoy this short little review (whoever ‘you’ may be). And I must say that if you can find a way to watch this film, please do and if you feel the need to message me on twitter, GrayFox @JasonFoster15 and let me know what you think of this movie.



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