Guys…I got this.

ImageSo recently I acquired a game made by One True Game Studios, who are an independent team of competitive gamers, which decided to create a game that parodies competitive fighting games (such like “Street Fighter”, “Tekken”…etc.). This game is called “DiveKick”. DiveKick is a really, simple – yet – satisfying, addictive fighting game, which is creatively unique. Its uniqueness comes from the stripping back of the usual fighting game extent of the many button combos that can be extensively long and confusing, however, in this game there are only 2 buttons (Dive and Kick obviously, hence the games title). You can set these 2 buttons to be any buttons, I opted for the L1 R1 combo. Each ’round’ lasts around 20 seconds at most, which means if you don’t win in the given time the game would usually finish with a ‘draw’; unlike that, DiveKick introduces a big red line that divides the screen when the time is near to 0, whoever is closest to the line wins.

There are 13 characters to choose from:

Dive – who parodies Yang from the Street Fighter series.

Kick – who parodies Yun from the Street Fighter series and many of his quotes and catchphrases in the game are inspired by actor Will Smith. 

Mr. N – who parodies Rufus from the ‘Street Fighter’ series as well as professional gamer Martin ‘Marn’ Phan.

Redacted (seen as Redacted) – who’s animations are inspired by Wolverine’s as he appears in “Marvel Vs Capcom 3″. While her name references ongoing legal disputes between intellectual property owners and independent game developers who use the appearance and likeness of the intellectual properties in games.

Kung Pao – who parodies Kung Lao from the ‘Mortal Kombat’ franchise.

Dr. Victoria Shoals – who parodies Dr. Doom as he appears in “Marvel Vs Capcom 3″. Her name references Dr. Sholls footcare company.

Uncle Sensai – who parodies Sagat from the ‘Street Figher’ series.

Alex Jefailey –  He is based on fighting game event organizer Alex Jebailey, who contributed to the Kickstarter to have a character with his likeness included, with a dropkick inspired by Mike Haggar from Final Fight.

THE BAZ –  His kicks are based on Zero and Taskmaster  as they appear ‘Marvel Vs Capcom3′, with his appearance based on Zubaz, a rejected ‘Street Fighter 2′ character design spotlighted and repeatedly referenced on the ‘Machinima’ series”Fighterpedia”  and Two Best Friends Play. The series creators donated to the Kickstarter to have The Baz added as a playable character.

Markman – The character is a fictionalized version of MadCatz Community and Sponsorship Manager Mark Julio; while his playstyle is derived from that of Phoenix Wright  in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3′ and Kazuya Mishima in ‘Tekken’.

Stream – He bears a strong resemblance to Firebrand as he appears in ‘Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3′, and satirizes the concept of “stream monsters,” users who leave scathing commentary in the chat rooms of fighting game live streams, yet never entering tournaments themselves. The divekick itself is inspired by Street Fighter‘s Dhalism.

S-Kill –  He is a fictionalized version of professional fighting gamer and former Capcom community manager Seth Killian. S-Kill’s teleportation ability and divekick are derived from those of Seth from ‘Street Fighter 4′  who was named after Killian. He also has a parry similar to those in ‘Street Fighter III’.

Kenny – who was added at the request of a Kickstarter backer, who paid to have a character developed as a tribute to his deceased brother. The real-life Kenny’s love of selecting the “Random Character” option in fighting games inspired the character’s random copycat ability, similar to other copycat characters like Mokujin from Tekken’ and Edgemaster from ‘Soul Calibur’. 

Divekick is not only the most fun fighting game for people that don’t want to bother with the many button combinations or an average fighting game but is absolutely so enjoyable and definitely worth the price that it is. This game is definitely a high amount of fun, even more with friends of the random people online. I recommend this to possibly anyone at all (well anyone that will read this).

If anyone wants more information on the characters, the game itself, the lovely soundtrack (which is for free because “we love you”) or even want to see the making of the game. Divekick over to . Bye Byeeeeeeeeeee



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