Bunraku is awesome (short review)

I apologise to people who actually read my stuff, that my reviews are infrequent; but hey, I’m doing the best I can. 🙂

ImageNow personally I like to find ‘interesting/strange’ films, because I seem to enjoy them the most (even above 80’s B-Movie). This brought me to find a film titles ‘Bunraku’, which is an action/drama/thriller cocktail that is highly entertaining and I cannot see it being boring; it’s such a pleasure to watch (in my opinion, at least). The plot is a little similar to Afro Samurai (which is so damn good as well). The story follows two strangers, one being a samurai (the amazing Gackt (yes that is his name)) and another being a mysterious gambler (being Josh Hartnett. The town they both arrive in is a place where guns are outlawed and bullets are quite like currency however, money is sometimes still used. Although guns are outlawed, swords, hatchets and any other means are still used by the 10 killers as well as Gackt, Josh and other characters. 

It’s surprisingly difficult to explain the film without wanting to show you it first. Of course, letting your mind open to it before you make a decision. Its presentation feels like a life size pop-up comic book with an amazing narration by Mike Patton, whose deep tone really helps set the tone for the film which is definitely shown during the opening scenes. The colour pallet in the various setting is quite artistic as well as the set design itself. SPOILERS – the entrance to the gambling ‘den’ is a giant revolver cylinder which also acts as an elevator, which has to be one of the coolest parts to a set design I’ve seen in a while. 

The actor’s performance in the film are really good and add incredibly well to the story, including the various humour points in the script, which lightens up the film where it is a little needed. This film came out in 2010 but hasn’t been noticed, or picked up that critically (unless you’re metacritic, who gave it 28 out of 100 (dicks)). This film is highly interesting for people who enjoy out of the ordinary films like me. Honestly, I found and watched this film early last year and I’ve got to say is has never been any less entertaining then the first time I saw it. Which currently is one of my favourite films because the actor’s performances, setting, story, entertaining music, Mike Patton’s narration and really the whole film makes it for me. Some people have issues with the films length, saying it’s to long. For me, at least I don’t think it could be shorter than what it is. 

I do think it is on Netflix (being the american version) and I shall link the trailer in case you are thinking about watching it and just need a little bit more of an incentive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Pnupt_UP6M

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