A man walks into a bar (Mob City series review)

ImageZERO SPOILERS! (for people who actually care)

Mob City is a recent series that has just came to the U.K. as far as I know. It’s a neo-noir crime series, based on the real life accounts of the L.A.P.D. and various ‘notable’ gangsters, such like; Mikey Cohen, Bugsy Malone…ect. 

As quite a sizeable fan of the noir genre and it’s cult films, I was attracted to this straight away. This series has the noticeable tropes of similar themed movies and T.V. like the silky voice overs and the, doubly so, music. Honestly, the casting is amazingly well thought through with Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), Neil McDonough (Walking Tall, Captain America: The First Avenger) and Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Criminal Minds) to name just a few; who all have strong parts in the series. 

The series had gotten very mixed reviews and it also had a very short lived showing of only 6 episodes, which are nominated for 4 awards. Even if you don’t like the noir genre, give it a go and if you don’t like it…it’s fine, you may go to continue to watch what you want. But, this series is beautiful, well scripted, musically orgasmic (I like lounge bar jazz…OKAY) and is much better than most other things on Television as the moment. 

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