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Loooooot Craaatttteee … not mine though :P

Yes, yes, yes. This is the newest Loot Crate brought to us in the lovely February 2014. If you don’t know what Loot Crate is; it is a monthly subscription box for all things deliciously nerdy that has only recently been available to the U.K., Australia and Canada. However, this will be the pricing for the U.K. only. It is around £20.00 a month and each month you will receive 6-9 awesome themed products that are more worth than the price of the box itself, and if you look on YouTube for unboxing videos; you will rarely see anyone disappointed about what you receive. I should also mention that this is my lovely girlfriend’s box and I love her so much for letting me use this for my Blog.

ImageBecause of each month being specifically themed, you’ll get items in your box that correspond to that theme. This month’s theme was, as you can tell by the picture (above), Warriors.

ImageThe first thing we looked at from the box was a Dunny Sideshow vinyl figure by Kidrobot; who have been selling and creating oddly cute and amazing creations. The Dunny Sideshow series is relatively new, having only been released since June 2013. These are really high quality and very well designed figures, perfect for any collection or gift.

ImageImageAnd because it is February, the month of love, Loot Crate has also sent us an adorably valentines card. As you can see the front cover shows a heart that is awesomely been made with bacon and on the inside, as you can see, it says ‘I love you more than bacon’. Which, if anything, those words really do speak the truth.

ImageAnother thing you will receive in every box is a collectors pin, which often has something to do with the theme. This months had one of the characters of Bravest Warriors inside a modified Loot Crate signature box. And it is so cute.

Image“Gassss powered stick!” This is a lovely little gym bag that can be taken anywhere, you can fold it up to fit in your pocket and take it with you when you go to a market, perhaps, or if a bag splits after a shop; you could put some items in there. But, of course, as the name suggests you can use it to carry a change of clothes if you go to a gym or swimming baths. The Title on the bag is in reference to an item found on the show Bravest Warriors.

Image“Bow-ties are cool” Yes, you get a awesome bow-tie. It’s made with high quality material and doesn’t feel like it will fray or snap off while wearing it. It is adjustable for all neck sizes; even mine. It is also themed to the Bravest Warriors series, in particular one character; Impossibear.

ImageAnd Finally a very amazingly awesome T-Shirt, featuring a load of videogame’s warriors. Master Chief, Megaman, Michelangelo (I think) from TMNT, that character from Joust, a couple Tetris Pieces … the list goes on. The sizing is very fitting for my girlfriend and she has loved all of the items in the box and probably can’t wait for next months; it will be so amazing. We also received a download code for a Bravest Warriors online comic.

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