What is lost, is now found. (The City of Lost Children Review)

ImageNow you can probably tell, from the poster (left), that this film…is French. Wait, wait, please. Good, now that you’re back to reading; I’ll tell you about why I like this film, why it is worth a watch and snippets about the plot. Hopefully not spoiling it for people who might want to watch it. This film, although from 1995, is one of the best films I’ve actually took the time to watch. It was directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet as a Sci-Fi drama, in which the plot is…incredibly odd to say the least. The main plot to this film is about a genius scientist who is also very much insane, Krank. Krank, as a child and still as an old man, was unable to dream or imagine or feel or…well you get the idea. This causes him to have designed a machine that he is able to siphon other people’s dreams into his own noggin; shamefully these ‘people’ are little children that he orders his goons to find, in the city, and steal them away to his laboratory. (Hence the title of the film).

Even though these characters are very interesting in their own right, my favourite and most curious character is Uncle Irvin; who is a well spoken, thought provoking brain in a tank. The main reason I was really drawn to this is film was its setting style; it’s scientific industrial age, like steam punk. The colour pallet and lighting throughout the film really draws the eyes to the setting as well as empathetically showing the characters for all they’re worth. Another thing that surprised me was that it stared Ron Perlman speaking in French, which is quite impressive considering he didn’t speak French in real life; at the time at the film, anyway. He was given his lines phonetically; in my opinion he really held his own with the lines and the emotion that came across through them.

The reason I bring up Ron Perlman, is that he the the second storyline character. Because of Kranks’ obsession with kidnapping children, he eventually kidnaps One’s little brother. (One being Ron Perlman). The flaw of Kranks’ machine and not seeing, himself, what he’s doing wrong is that by kidnapping children he forces them to be scared and therefore have bad dreams; which, in turn, gives him nightmares. These nightmares he experiences are utterly terrifying, I’ll never think of Santa the same way; you’ll find out if you watch the film.

This film is highly interesting to me; the concepts alone would’ve caused me to watch this film. Imagine having a machine that can not only record dreams and transfer them to someone else’s mind, but can also store them as physical matter; it just leaves me ecstatic with the thought of how cool that is, however, could be proven to be undoubtedly dangerous if it ‘fell into the wrong hands’. Other parts of the film are honestly creepy beyond compare with the sounds of screaming children, screaming adults and well just screaming in general with the swap to double-taking at the movie to be sure that what is going on, is actually what is going on.

The look of the film is very stylised and the soundtrack of sombre and melancholy classical strings, suit this film absurdly well; even with creepy fairground music with seagulls screeching and calling around. The scripting is well written and doubly well acted, the plot is interesting, fresh and not a rehash of similarly styled films. I wouldn’t change a thing about it; what does need changing is some newer films that are entertaining but scripturally dry and moulded to fit the marked (which, I guess, how the industry makes money = Transformers). If you have the time or feel like watching something new and definitely interesting, please be lovely and take this film into consideration .

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I’ll have another film review out for The Banshee Chapter. I will also be on my way to Animex Tomorrow. Let me know what you think on this or any other review I have done and will be doing. Byyyyeeeeeeeeeee everybody.   



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