They’re ever so dinky: Pizza Cups recipe.

This recipe is, to me, a very student-orientated recipe. The main ingredients are what were in the fridge. I must say, by any means, this recipe isn’t healthy but damn they’re delicious.

ImageThese ingredients are enough to make 5-6 pizza cups, however, I used ramekins to cook them in and I only have four ramekins; so as you may guess, I had spare dough left over. Also, oven should be preheated to 190 Celsius.

Today’s Ingredients, my fellow students, are:

  • Two cups of plain/all purpose flour.
  • One pack of active yeast (usual packet = 7 grams).
  • Two tablespoons of oil (any oil will do,except motor oil: that’s a big no no).
  • One teaspoon of salt.
  • One tablespoon of sugar.
  • One cup of warm water.
  • Pepperoni/Salami
  • Preferred cheese of choice: grated.
  • Pizza sauce (I didn’t have any, so I’ll show you how I did it).

ImageStep One – Add the dry ingredients to a mixing bowl. Sieve that flour like a mad man and make a crater…which isn’t necessary, unless you’re pretending the spoon is a space craft making a crater in the surface of an alien planet made of flour. Anyway. Empty the yeast sachet onto one side of the crater and the salt and sugar on the other side; the reason being is that when salt is put near yeast they start to fight it out with the out come being yeast dying, so keep them two separate until we add the wet ingredients

ImageStep two – The wet ingredients. See that picture; that’s what happens when oil and water meet. Just as a reminder, I used a mixing machine but if you don’t have one of them, I’d recommend continuously mixing while adding the wet ingredients. If your dough is looking a bit wet, add a little more flour and if it’s a little flaky, add a little more warm water. Mix this until it forms into a workable dough.

ImageStep three – Working the dough (ahhhhhh yeahhh). Once the dough had been mixed together; turn it out into a floured bench and start to shiatsu the dough into a ball by folding the edges into the centre again and again up to the dough becoming elastic. Once bouncy, begin to roll the dough out until it is of the thickness of a pound coin (or there about). For people not using a pound to find out how thick that is; it’s about 5 mm. When that’s rolled out, time to cut it out. I used a circle cookie cutter but you could use an equally large cup or mug, you could even use a ramekin if you’re cooking in one of them. What ever lights your candle/floats your boat. Ramekins should be lined with oil/butter, so they don’t stick.

ImageStep…four – Blind baking. Once the dough has been stretched to fit most of the inside of the ramekins, ball up some tin/aluminium foil and place it in the ramekins. These based go into the oven for about 5-7 minutes. The cool thing about using tin foil is that it doesn’t conduct heat; so you can just pull them balls right out. One thing that I did find out is that ramekins do conduct heat, and when I found that out it hurt. So be careful guys and dolls.

ImageStep five – Construction of the filling. While the based as pre-cooking, it’s time to grate cheese/ tear up pepperoni/make the sauce. My cheese was already grated; I opted for light mature cheddar and for the meat I chose German Salami because…that’s what was in the fridge. For the sauce, I used tomato sauce as it is easier than buying tomato purée then watering it down. I added a mix of dry herbs, some paprika, some cayenne pepper and black pepper for a bit of heat, added with some hot sauce; I mixed this into a bowl and added my desired amount of cheese to the sauce for the filling. The grated cheese and the torn up meat is for the topping.

ImageStep six – Combining the goodness. Once the based are out and the tin foil is removed, it’s time to build up the deliciousness. Add the cheese/sauce mixture to the cup then top with the extra cheese and meat; while eating the meat and extra cheese (this part is recommended for… reasons). These go back in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.

ImageOnce these bad boys are out, you know what time it is. Eat away.



Hope you enjoyed reading this recipe for student-chef awesome deliciousness. If you try making this let me know by leaving a comment or if you just liked it please do repost, reblog, favourite, heart, share or ultimately all of the above. All of this really, really, really helps me, it helps the blog. It all helps me know how many people read this which will improve the amount of content that will be posted. This recipe is devilishly easy and amazing for a snack or simple and small dinner. I hope you enjoy these recipes, let me know by commenting and following my blog via wordpress and following my twitter, which you can find via the blog. Tomorrow I’m doing a film review which I hope you all will read, love and watch the film based on my viewing or various moments of hiding under my hands…yes it is creepy scary; possibly just to me though. Byyeeeeee.



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