A whole lot of nope: Banshee Chapter review

Now, judging by the title, you’d think I found this film…scary: you’d be right. I found the trailer for this film when I was searching for films with a H.P. Lovecraft sense about them. I then proceeded to watch the trailer and I considered watching it because it looked very interesting and my type of film. Upon watching the film, however, it was more scary than I thought it may be. This is just my impression and opinion on the film, it may be as scary or less to others. Also not saying when the jump scares happen.



This film was released in 2013 and is the début of young, new director; Blair Anderson. This film takes some loose base around the short story ‘From Beyond’ as well as the 1986 film of the same name. As well as based on a book, this movie takes events from real life; namely the U.S. human experimentation of MKUltra including footage from Clinton’s presidential release of the existence of the military experimentations. The various use of the genre of ‘found footage’ really does set a tone along with the creepy atmosphere. 

The film’s plot begins to follow the story of the young James Hirsch, a man researching Project MKUltra, with his camera man buddy. He records himself taking DMT-19; a super amped up version of DMT (which, in real life, DMT isn’t as dangerous as the film pronounces it to be). DMT-19 is, in reality, is fake for the people wondering. Once it’s taken, James becomes extremely anxious and begins to announce that something is coming after him, to ‘wear him’. This is not the best thing anyone would ever want to hear. The camera footage then cuts out. Footage from the experiments then show up, cutting and leading to the focus character; Anne. 

Anne is told about James’ disappearance in which she then proceeds to investigate. She finds out who supplied him the DMT-19 and goes up to ‘try some’. While investigating into James, she comes across a radio signal that, honestly, gives me the shivers. When the supplies and her go to meet, they decide to try some (later finding out that no one takes it). They all become incredibly scarce and one of them begin to say that something is coming for them, to ‘wear them’. All of the modern setting, the lighting, the atmospheric tones all become a meld of one and fit together so well; the film truly becomes creepy and surprisingly scary. 

The combinations of all this leads to Anne finding the source of the radio broadcast finding, also, the monster and the thing that is wanting to ‘wear’ them. And this is all you will know, unless you watch it.

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