Everything is Awesome!


So, it’s my birthday and my beautiful girlfriend bought us tickets to go and see the LEGO Movie. Now I know some people that read this would think “It’s just a child’s film” or ” It has no noticeable/emotion acting from actors faces'”, well, you’re incredibly wrong if you think that.

What I think is that, so far, it has more acting merit, more emotional experiences and more comfortable positions to learn from than any other film that has came out. Pacific Rim, for an example, doesn’t have very good acting, the script isn’t well written and to be honest is has scenes that you can find in better films (including the ‘hype-up’ speech)… but it has giant robots fighting giant aliens so we it’s deemed cool and a ‘good’ film. In this review, I’m only going to talk about the film and not the filler game that came out expecting every buyer to have seen the film. 

The start of the film shows, what I feel, to be what the world is coming too; everyone doing the same thing day in, day out/following the ‘instructions’ (media). It shows people as robots just following orders or pre-programmed software. The main character, Emmet, is a builder who follows the instructions to live his life, after he finishes work and is semi ignored by his fellow workers; a gust of wind takes his instructions over debris and rubble. This is when he notices a someone who shouldn’t be there so he decides to follow after he finds out it’s a cute chick. He ends up falling down a pit, finding a mystical piece, becomes unconscious and wakes up being interrogated; surprisingly by Liam Neeson. Bad Cop (Neeson) shows Emmet footage of the questioning of his fellow workers…who literally call him nothing. UNCOOL!

He gets saved by the cute chick character, Wild Style, who eventually takes him to Morgan Freeman who says he’s the special. If anyone is interested so far, honestly, just go watch it now; you will not be disappointed at all. Seriously, go to the cinema/find a link/torrent/stream, pick your internet poison, I just want you all to watch it. Unless you’ve seen it, then hopefully you’re picking up what I’m putting down.






Have they all gone to watch the film?…Yeah. Good. Anyway, moving way far into the film when Emmet sacrifices himself to save the all of the master builders…oh wait, SPOILERS! Sorry. We find out that everything, since the start of the film was made by a kid playing around with his dad’s Lego. His dad/Lord Business (both played by Will Ferrell) is adamant that his son does not touch his Lego, so he starts putting everything back together ‘the way they should’; which in the animated world the Lord Business starts to win against the good guys. But as Emmet faces Lord Business, the dads’ son faces him. The dad then learns that all his son is doing is being creative and is impressed by everything he has built. The animated version of this, however, Emmet is confronting Lord Business that he doesn’t have to be the bad guy as everything he’s built, although evil, is still an idea that he has created. Oh it’s so lovely. And then everything is awesome and hunky dory. Until the boy’s younger sister is allowed to play with the Lego…she creates an army of roughly put together pieces to take over the world; this is mildly adorable.

Hope you enjoyed this entertaining, yet brief, review of the Lego Movie (in my opinion). I shall be putting more up in the following days…I am doing another recipe as well as taking you through my girlfriends’ first Loot Crate. The recipe that was going to go up ended in a mess of chocolate, nearly caramel and shortbread. Liking, commenting, following and SHARING (please share the hell out of this) :D. all of these things you could do, really do help me out so much. So please take the time to just his that follow button or comment or hell, even a like would be awesome. And please guys, share this, you’ll get more frequent posts and reviews. Byeeeeeeee 😀


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