Flavourly February

I’ve caught on with the latest un-boxing trends, yes, I subscribed to a monthly subscription box. It did take a while to find one that was worth the money; especially in the limited U.K. regions. I found a website called Flavourly and decided to subscribe. This is the un-boxing of February’s box. Photographs were taken by my lovely girlfriend and all links to websites will be available at the bottom of the post.

ImageThe box was a pretty decent size; bigger than I thought it would be. Flavourly is a company that was built from the ground by Ryan O’Rorke (CEO of Flavourly) in 2012. This company is very recent and as I expected myself not to like various items in the box, I found that ‘Yes’ some items do have an acquired taste but I was still not disappointed. Now…onto the items.

ImageOne of the first things out of the box was these curious Apple crisps from Perry Court Farm. These crisps are tangy, full of flavour and make for a very healthy snack. The apples used come 100% fresh from the farm itself. Like liquorish or Marmite their taste may not be applicable to everyone, however, I have tried them and I think they’re not that bad at all…even more so that they’re healthy.

ImageThe second thing to come out of the box are these delicious dried Physalis berries which are incredibly good for you. Like the apple crisps, these dried fruit are also tangy and can be an acquired taste. They are full of healthy and energetic vitamins and they are definitely full of flavour.

ImageThat, my lovely readers, is Cowboy Jam. This comes from the fantastic Eat17 restaurant in East London. This relish, with lovely smoky flavours of bacon and spices, can be used on and in all sorts of creations. It can be used for BBQ marinades, you can spread it on toast; With or without cheese? Your choice ladies and gents. It really does taste awesome no matter how you use it.

ImageThis deliciously decadent bar of milk chocolate and peanut butter speciality chocolate from Kingdom Chocolate, comes straight from U.K. creation, using cocoa beans from Uganda. These bars are free from GM, preservatives and gluten as well as being joined to the Spe Salvi Charitable Foundation. Money goes from the chocolate sold straight to Ugandan farmers ensuring that their social standards are maintained and not abused or lowered. This chocolate is seriously delicious and gives Ugandan cocoa farmers a better social standard.

ImageThis…is…delicious. This is the magnificently tasty coconut brittle from Coco Gourmand. These guys and gals exclusively make candy and confectionery with coconut. The owners and staff won the Great Taste Award in august 2013 and I can certainly see and taste why. I could happily eat the whole bag (which is a generous bag to say the least), but I haven’t because it is worth saving for ‘them moments’. If you don’t like coconut and know someone who does, this makes a great small gift at a very affordable price.

ImageAlthough I’m not a big coffee drinker, I had to try it. This coffee blend from the Roundsquare Roastery is very nice and honestly I’ve had a few cups since getting it. These guys are really mad for coffee and you can really taste the quality of the beans. The beans come from family run farms in the coffee countries; what makes this more awesome is that the company believe in a Direct Trade policy, this means that the farmers and families are given a higher wage than fair trade counterparts. This helps the families sustain a ‘grade-A’ quality farm and therefore better living and social standards.

ImageImage Lastly, in the box, was this lovely little kit for making beer bread. With elating scents of rosemary and olive, this bread was as quick and easy and the Barrett’s Ridge motto “Add’a Beer”. All the kits available are eco friendly as well as supporting Fair Trade. Being quick, simple, deliciously smelling and friendly to the planet and the people on it, makes this very amazing to eat…especially using it for toast. 

Now for the links:

Hope you’ve really enjoyed reading this as well as considering subscribing too and to get all of this for £15 as worth the price. I’d really appreciate if you’d share this as much as you can with your friends or family as well as following my blog. Please like and comment if you have any queries. All of this sharing, following, liking and commenting really, really helps me and this blog. I’d love it for people to follow and share, it means I can get more stuff to review and share with you lovely readers. I will try my best to share and create the best content I can and post as much as I physically can. See you next post; Byyeeeeee. 


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