Kerry’s Korner- Walking Dead Plush

Hi again guys, Kerry here again and welcome to another edition of Kerry’s Korner!

Today I am going to be reviewing one of my latest purchases which is a Walking dead ‘walker’ plush. I bought this yesterday for £10 which i thought was a little pricey for a small plushy but once i took it out of the packet i realised why.


He is beautiful quality, really well stitched and really fluffy hair. but that’s not all!! he is held together in his middle area by velcro and a few strings. This may sound like a bad thing to a lot of people when i say it like that but i looks incredible and i was really really impressed


the strings are kind of like intestines or muscles holding together the top and the bottom halves of our little zombie friend. They are really sturdy so theres no need to be gentle, he can easily withstand a child or pet throwing them about with out any worry. I would really recommend these teddies/plushies to any walking dead or zombie fan and really do think they are worth the money!
I know the question you’re all asking ‘Kerry how does this poor defenceless zombie sit down?’. Well exactly like this 🙂


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