The Student great food adventure: Tasty Home Made Mayo

Hey guys, I mentioned on my ‘coming soon’ post that I’d show you how to make your own mayonnaise that would make you wish you hadn’t bought that store brand.

ImageFirst you’ll have to get the ingredients; these are:

  • Eggs 3-4

  • Salt and Pepper

  • Dijon mustard

  • Oil (extra virgin olive oil is ideal)

  • Vinegar

  • Spices and extra seasoning (optional)

  • lemon juice (optional)

ImageWhat you want to do before you really start is separate the egg white and yolks, you’ll only need the yolks for this so get rid of the whites. If you don’t want to discard the whites, you can always make a egg white omelet for the morning breakfast; it’s quite healthy. Once you’ve got the yolks in the bowl, give them a quick whisk around to get the together. After that add the salt and pepper as well as a couple teaspoons of Dijon mustard. Although optional, you may add other seasoning; I used a couple sprinkles of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

ImageI must admit that I used a machine, but that’s because I was by myself and whisking while adding oil is something I can’t do. If you don’t have a machine you can, of course, use the hand whisk…or if you find friends willing to help; you can always use them. Right, what you want to do is begin whisking and adding the oil. Add the oil VERY slowly to begin with; a good method for this is to use a turkey baster. You only need to add drops at a time to begin with in case the eggs start to curdle. Whisk doing this for about 10 minutes. You will also want to add in a drop of vinegar; white if possible.

If the eggs do start to curdle is get another egg yolk in a cup, mix it with boiling water then add that in to the bowl. You may have to whisk till your arm hurts but only till the eggs return to being smooth.

Once you have whisked it for about 10 minutes with just adding drops, you may give your arm a rest and hand it to your whisking buddy. Once he or she has started whisking, you can begin to add the oil in a steady stream. I’d say do this for roughly 20 minutes or until the mixture had begun to stiffen. You will want the mix to stick to the spoon but also be able to drip off the spoon too (such like the consistency of what you’d expect mayonnaise to be like).

ImageCongratulations, you’ve just made mayonnaise. Trust me when I say this is delicious and makes for a great dip, dressing and sauce for burgers, salads or just dipping food into. Also a good note, proper mayonnaise should look a yellow colour and not the white stuff you buy at stores. Next recipe to be coming is the magnificent feast food that is the cheese and bacon stuffed hamburger.

If you want to see new recipes and reviews, please follow the blog. And if you think one of your friends or relatives will like some of the recent and past recipes, please share it with them and as many people as you think will be interested. It really helps me when you guys share, like and comment on the blog, even if you don’t want to follow (although that is a great amazing help too). If you want to leave suggestions for other recipes to cook or just ask me a question, comment on the posts. I hope you’ve liked reading this and I shall return with more delicious and easy recipes.

Byyeee – Jason.


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