The Student great food adventure: Party, sorted.

Hello, once again coming to you with another recipe; this one is for all of them student parties and random ‘get-togethers’ with your friends or family. This is a quick recipe for Jalapeño poppers; poppers of the food variety not the iris-opening, mind-altering kind.


What you’ll need:

  • Cheese – grated (your choice of cheese)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Whole Jalapeño peppers

And that’s it; it’s that easy. Oh, also you’ll need metal/wooden skewers. 


First you must behead the peppers and remove the innards. You may wear gloves for this if you wish, but please try and avoid touching your eyes and mouth because, wow, it hurts. Just wash your hands afterwards, just in case. To get the core and seeds out, I’d advise getting a thinner knife or sterilising something thin enough to get in there, cut around the core and ease it out; once the core it out just tap the pepper opening down onto the cutting mat and they all should come out.



Next prepare the bacon. Depending on the size of the peppers you can use half to a whole slice of bacon. If you can only use half a slice of bacon, use the flat edge of the knife and firmly drag it along the half strip; this stretches out the bacon so you can give it that extra length. Wrap that bacon around each pepper and slide it onto the skewer. All of the peppers should be open end down so that the peppers stand up and the bacon gets evenly cooked. This should go in the oven at 200 celcius for 10-15 minutes. Once they’ve been in the oven, take them out and turn them on their side to cool.


While them little containers of deliciousness are cooling, it’s time to make the filling. You can ‘eye-ball’ this part to the consistency that suits you. Mix the grated cheese with the cream cheese in a bowl and that’s all there is to it. Spooning it in will be difficult, but you can make a piping bag quickly if you don’t already have one; you can use a large zip lock bag for sandwiches, spoon it into the bag and squeeze it down as far as you can into a corner and just snip the end off.


After the piping has been achieved, they should look like the do in the picture. To contain all of this cheese,creamy goodness; we have to make little caps of these hatless parcels. Take the tops of the peppers and scoop them out till they’re hollow and then cut the stalk off, you may need help with this as it can be fiddly; especially with a knife. Once hollowed and cut, just push them into the openings of the peppers. These then go back onto the tray bacon seem side down for a further 5 minutes.


There they are, ready to be gobbled up by your house guests. If you want a little more heat with them you can always leave some of the seeds in. You can, of course, make more than six. Hope you enjoyed this little recipe as next recipes involve pastry and yummy goodness.


I took inspiration for this recipe from the ‘Epic Meal Time: Handle It’ series, which I will link further down. If you’ve liked this and want to see more future recipes, please follow the blog and share it as much as you can; a little like would do no harm either. Sharing this as much as you can and liking the posts really do help, honestly they do.If you want me to cook something specifically, let me know in the comments. – Give these guys love by liking their video and subscribing for awesome food creations.

See you next time, 

Byeeeeee – Jason.



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