Kerry’s Korner- Adventure time blind bag

Hi guys and welcome to another edition of Kerry’s Korner!!

Today is another blind bag (i really do love getting them), and this one is Adventure time themed.
Now for those who don’t know, Adventure time is a cartoon about a place called Ooo. a magical dog named jake is best friends with a human called Finn (the last human?) and they have all sorts of weird adventures. If you have never watched it, then seriously go watch it, like now!!

So the bag that the figure comes in looks like this


and costed £3 each when i bought mine. there was quite a few options that you could get but they didnt give odds on each one. anyhoo, i got Finn, and he comes with a clear base to stand him in


The figure itself is fairly nice, it is painted very well and i ike the way it clicks into the base. the body and head of the figure are nice and sturdy and solid, however the aloft arm is very flimsy and bends out of shape very easily. it is not as nice quality as any of the other blind bags i have bought in the past but for £3 i think it is worth the money.

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bye for now guys


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