Kerry’s Korner- Walking Dead Blind Boxes

Hi guys, and welcome to another edition of Kerry’s Korner

Today we are looking at another version of my new favourite thing. Thats right- Blind Bags!!!
These ones are based on the AMC Programme and comic book series of The Walking Dead, which i personally LOVE!

So these figures come in boxes like this


Once you open this box there is a foil wrapped package inside which is always a sign of a good quality blind bag. These ones were £5 each and i bought 2 of them just because of how much i love the show. there are pictures on the side of the box with odds of getting each one. Both of the ones i got (not the same one in each one :O !!!!!) were 1/12 chance of getting them


This is the 1st one i got. Blue suited zombie, at least he dressed properly for the apocalypse! These are really really beautiful figures. really amazing quality and painting, really sturdy and i will be buying many many more of these


This is the second one i got out of the blind boxes. its quality etc are just as amazing as the other one and im really happy with these

Yet another AMAZING walking dead product. 10/10 😀

thankyou for taking the time to read this

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Bye Bye for now!!!!


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