Kerry’s Korner- March Loot Crate Titan!!

Hi guys, and welcome to another section of Kerry’s Korner!!

Today we are going to be taking a look into March’s Loot Crate which is Titan themed.


So this is what the box looks like and for those who don’t know it is a monthly subscription box of amazing nerdy goodness! if anyone would like to get one of these for yourself please follow this link……

Now, TO THE CONTENTS!!!!! *spoilers* *spoilers* if you havent opened yours yet DONT LOOK :O

Firstly, as with every loot crate you get a little booklet which tells you exactly what is in your crate and the theme, what the mega crate of the month is and an interview with different people each month. I don’t like to look in my booklet until last because of all the spoilers.

ImageNext we got a free dowload code for an Eguide for Titanfall which is worth $9.99 so most of the value of the box, you also get another paper with a few different discount codes and a few which are emailed out.

ImageNext up is a fridge magnet. this is an attack on titan/ titanfall mash up (i think) but it looks really cool and i like it. There is also a Titanfall C101 Lanyard which I also really really love and will use at work

ImageImageNext up we have an Attack on Titan themed wristband. It feels a little small but still fits my tiny wrists anyway,  and a badge which is becoming customary in loot crates and some special St. Patricks Day candy


Finally, we are at the main 2 items of this months loot crate. The 1st of these items is Attack on Titan Manga: 1, its really strange to me as it is read in reverse (since its japanese) but it is in english which was a relief 😀


Last but definitely not least i got an amazing Exclusive Titanfall Tshirt its a really nice material and really nice design.

loot crate march


Thankyou so much for reading this and please like follow and reblog us 😀 . the more people to notice us the more we can post


Bye for now    Kerry x


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