Coming soon, once more.

Hey guys, it’s Jason.

I’m just going to let you know of what will be happening on the blog…or hopefully what I intend to follow through with on the blog.

Tomorrow: My home made pizza; brilliant for parties, simple ‘get togethers’ and of course, a lovely meal for two that can be complete with a personal touch.

I will be reviewing some odd and different (for me) foods from the Chinese supermarket.

I will also be doing another cooking review with a difference, so if you want to know what that is follow the blog and keep and eye out for a new post.

What I will also try to do is keep a log of my dreams as well as trying to go on a diet. I know right, a guy who cooks lovely lovely puddings going on a diet. But this is for me to do because I want to.

So I hope you’ll all be interested. I may also make a new post series where I express my thoughts on…everything and anything I find interesting to promote conversation between all of you. If you want to ask more, look onto the tab for giving me your thoughts because commenting seems to be not working.

Bye bye for now, Jason.


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