Kracie world: Teeny Tiny Burgers!

Hey guys, it’s Jason once again with another crazy Kracie kit…and this time it’s a tiny happy meal for one. If you don’t know what ‘Kracie’ is; I’ll say it in brief. Kracie is a Japanese candy manufacturer that often has candy or sweets that you can make your self at home with great easy; often these sweets resemble real foods that are savoury. I did another review earlier; you can look it up in the archives. Now let’s get ‘cooking.



Everything is packaged in really creatively designed boxes or packets. Everything you need is inside in a foil packet. When you get these; you must keep the foil packaging as it is also used in the process, in this case the foil packet is used for the tiny flag for the burgers, the chip holder and the label for the drink cup. Shamefully, I had accidentally ripped mine opening it (should be more careful next time).


As I said, all you need to make the food is in the packet. You can see there are multiple sachets; these are for all of the food you’ll be using, the big white tub is used to mix all of the powders with water. There is also a drinks cup as well as a mixing spoon/shovel and tiny knife…which is quite adorable.


So, these are the chips. They really do smell like chips. I mean, incredibly so. I must say you do have to cook them in the microwave but only for a short time (like 30 seconds). Next…to the burger.



This is the cute and tiny burger complete with buns. I really have to say that the powder and mix for the burger isn’t unpleasant but ,wow, it’s ‘meaty’. Honestly, I smells a lot like BBQ noodles or something along the same lines and it’s one of the strangest things ever. The buns, on the other hand, smell so good; they smell buttery as if the were fresh bread (without the yeasty scent). Once again, popped them in the microwave for a little bit and took them out. I used the knife to cut the tiny burger to size which was pretty fun-feeling even if it is just cutting a tiny cake burger with a tiny plastic knife.


I only have two words for this…TINY CHEESE! Once again, not an unpleasant smell or taste but incredibly cheesy to the tier of nachos/doritos.


There is also a packet of ketchup powder which, with water, turns into a gel-like substance that tastes exactly like the real thing. That’s probably because is ketchup just dehydrated into water with a further coagulant added. Tastes totally good though. I bet you’re thinking ‘All of this food might be a little drying, is there anything to wash it down with?’; there is.


Here is your drink sir/madam/octopus/Hugh. Once again works on the same lines as the ketchup, just without the extra coagulant. Although small, it follows the rest very well and its just so adorable and fun for something to inexpensive and easy to make. If you can’t figure out what to do; there are loads of videos on YouTube.

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Byeeeeeee – Jason 


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