Snackity Snack 2: the snackening


Hey guys, what’s up? I’m back with another review post on snack food that I find interesting. This will continue daily until I run out of snacks to review as I’d like to start dieting because I’m unhealthy and would really like to start actively changing my eating habits. Now…onto the food.


Yes, that little guy on the front is a living garlic cluster with arms and legs. Boy Bawang is a company that produces a lot of corn snacks, they even produce cereal ‘drinks’. These products are called cornick and come in more flavours than just two, but they only had roast chicken and chilli cheese flavours. Letting you know now that although these are amazing snack food and taste pretty good; they are certainly not healthy so if you are going to eat them, only have a hand full as a snack. You probably shouldn’t eat any more than half in a day. They are made from fried and flavoured corn nuts which would be a lot healthier is they weren’t fried. Other than that, they are great snack food for pocket change.




A mochi is made from a short grain rice that has been crushed to a paste, filled and moulded to the desired shape. These Japanese parcels of glutinous loveliness are often prepared for Japanese New Year celebrations as well as being eaten all year round. These three flavours are peanut butter (top), red bean (middle) and black sesame (bottom). The consistency is very thick; close to marshmallow but much more heavy. Personally, I prefer the red bean flavour because it’s not as sickly as the other two. I also wouldn’t call these much a ‘snack’ food but a couple of these would make a great pudding after a nice meal. 


That’s all for today guys and gals, for those who have followed my blog and liked the blogs and even the people who have just read at least one post; I thank you so much because I’ve not been feeling the best, mentally, because of not being able to do what I want to do in life. (Becoming a content creator on YouTube is something I really want to do in life). Please like the post, follow the blog unless you’re already following, comment if you want to ask questions about posts or me. And PLEASE share this post to your own blogs and twitter feeds and what have you and I’ll see you next time.

Bye bye – Jason.


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