Snackity Snack 3: Silence of the snacks


Hey, it’s Jason – back with more snack reviews. As you know or if you’re new to this blog, this is where I review interesting snacks that I find different or that I haven’t heard of before. I hope you enjoy.



Although most things I like don’t go with other people’s tastes, I was curiously cautious about this ‘snack’. Once again I wouldn’t really call this a snack, it’s more something to have at varying times through out a day; you couldn’t really eat a whole can of this in one sitting…unless you were really determined. The only thing I knew about this is that it is called herbal jelly. You get a nice, strong and re-usable folding spoon. The texture is jelly, obviously, but it seems thicker than the average wibbly-wobbly stuff. It has a very vague taste; like really watered down cough syrup, it has the same herbal taste of Jagermeister…just really, really watered down. Not saying it’s unpleasant at all. It’s just is what it is.



I tore into these before I took a packaging photo and, they’re absolutely delicious. I believe they are in two flavours according to the packaging; I can only say it’s orange and mango and lemon and strawberry…however I’m unsure. They have a very familiar texture like Starburst Gummibursts (which are fruit liquid-filled gummy sweets) but these have a much thicker centre as well as the outer layer. They’re perfect for travel snacks for long drives…etc. Honestly, for the price they’re awesome, I recommend trying to find them and just trying them. I have no idea what they’re called.


That’s it for another day guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed this little review; there will be another up tomorrow. I’m going to try and record some game footage later to smack up on YouTube and get that started. I will be posting my YouTube channel when I’ve got a few videos up. Please follow the blog to keep up. If all you can do is like and comment on this post, then that’s all I can ask and I thank you for people that decide to follow this blog. To help me out a little, please share this with your friends as much as possible, Thank you.

Byyyeeee byeeee for now – Jason.


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