Tasty one pot chicken gnocchi – easy and delicious.

HEY EVERYONE!! Now, I know it has been a while but I will be returning to regular (ish) posts that I hope you’ll all enjoy. As well as YouTube regular videos that I will be trying to do commentary as soon as I get a microphone. For now, however, this will be a recipe for a devilishly simple and quick meal for 3, which can be easily be increased for more guests or friends.



You’ll need some ingredients:

1-2 cloves of garlic (the fresher the better)

100 grams of Pancetta or Chorizo (I chose chorizo because of the smoky flavor and rich colour)

2-3 Skinless chicken breast fillets (this amount varies depending on the size of the pot)

350 grams of gnocchi

200 ml of stock (I used vegetable; you can also use white wine)

1 tbsp cornflour mixed with 1 tsp of water (we’ll get to the later)

175-200 grams of creme fraiche 

freshly chopped parsley

grated cheese (Parmesan if you have more budget)

 pepper to season

Let’s get started, shall we:


The cornflour mix can go to one side.

Prepare the chicken fillets by cutting off any extra fat; you can also cut the fillets to a smaller portion size which I advise if you have a smaller cook pot…it also makes the portions easier to manage and serve.

Place gnocchi in boiling water and let them cook till they all float to the surface, strain and then put to one side.

Add the stock cube to the measured amount of hot water and set aside for later.





Step 1: Get the heat on at about medium and warm some oil up; the oil should be hot enough when you can see little bubbles forming at the bottom of the pan. Add your chopped garlic cloves to the pan and let them sizzle away for a bit (about half a minute).



Step 2: add your pancetta of chorizo to the pan and let this cook for about 5 minutes until the bacon has browned. For chorizo, keep it cooking for the same amount of time. After the pancetta/chorizo has been in for 5 minutes to cook; scoop it out and place it into a separate bowl for later…try not to eat it when it’s just sitting there being all crisp and delicious.



Step 3: Once the meaty bits are removed, add your chicken to the same pot and fry it off till it’s sealed on all sides. Once that is done, add the stock to the pot. Bring this to the boil then set to simmer and add the pancetta/chorizo back into the pot.



Step 4: After 15 minutes or being simmered, it should now be cooked through. Check if it’s cooked by breaking some of the fillets up to check the middle. This helps get the juices flowing through all the pieces of chicken and keeps all of the pieces moist.



Step 5: After checking that the chicken is cooked, you can now add the cornflour mix and stir it through. Don’t worry if the mix is difficult to get out of the bowl; that’s because of science (non-newtonian fluid), just take your time with it. When that has been stirred through, you can now add the creme fraiche and stir that through. WE’RE NEARLY FINISHED 😀 .



Step 6: When everything has been stirred through; you can now add the gnocchi from earlier and warm it through. Now you’re ready to serve, show off and enjoy.

That’s all for now folks! Thank you so much if you’ve given your time to read this. Please be amazing and give it a like and share around with your friends and help this grow. Tomorrow I will put up an unboxing of my April Flavourly box. Please follow if you’re not already doing that.


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See you later everyone!!!!


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