New video and what is going on up in this house!!!


First thing is first; explaining the picture. The reason for this lovely picture (courtesy of Google searching “Clip art”) is that I feel like I’m milking the apology curve, but I really need you to know what is going on. The house where I am is getting stuff done to it like the piping for heating being renewed…etc; which means all of my floorboards are to come up. Now, I don’t have the biggest room so I need to take down my bed, box-up nearly everything and turn a few things back into ‘flat-pack furniture’. Therefore I need to let you know there will be periods of time where I won’t be posting; including YouTube videos, which I’m really enjoying knowing that there are people who are trying to help me by subscribing and liking the videos. I’ll leave a link for the newest video further down; there will be another video up later. I promise that tomorrow i’ll post up the unboxing for my April flavourly.

Thank you, everybody who cares to read this or watches/glimpses at my YouTube videos. You’re all awesome.

– Jason 

Let’s Play L.A. Noire part 15 – Shrunken head, among things!

Bye, Bye! 😀

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