At the start, this blog was made for me to review gadgets, video games and technology. But, because of the lack of money that I have, it’s difficult to buy many things. This blog has evolved into me reviewing films and as well as video games…and also cooking on weekends then adding the recipe to the blog. Although, I planned this as more of a hobby; I honestly want to continue it as a full time job. In the future, I will be trying to record game footage that I can add to my YouTube channel of 0 subscribers and end up playing games in full. The purchase of a handheld camcorder will also come in handy for unboxing videos and other. The biggest help anyone can do for me is read my blog posts and share them as much as they can to get my blog out there so I can bring more and better content and start monetizing from content. My lovely girlfriend will also help me, having her own section, where she will also review items that she wants to review.

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