Kerry’s Korner- Nightmare before christmas blind box

Hi guys, and welcome to another part of Kerry’s Korner!

So as we all know by now i LOVE blind bags, and these are no exception. The only Blind bag so far that I havent liked was the Adventure time one (linked below) as i didnt think it was very good quality.

Now onto todays blind bag: A Nightmare Before Christmas.

The boxes look like this and the cost i believe £6.99 each which is fairly average for blind bags on the market at the moment.



One of my favourite parts of the blind bags are when they have either a card or pictures on the box of the odds of getting each different one. These blind boxes are no exception to this feature either



Of course like everyone i wanted the rarest one but that has only happened to me once and i knew that i wouldnt get a rare again. sooooo… this is who i got



He is really really nice quality with articulation in the head but not in the arms and legs. He has a squishy face which im not to sure if it was meant to be a feature or not but i think its really nice to have as it stops the figure being to top heavy, so it does stand up really nicely.
I am really considering buying a couple more of these ones and collecting a few of these.


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I am debating on whether to try and video an blind box unboxing and including it (please let me know what you think) (link to adventure time blind bag)




Kerry’s Korner- update on Scribblenauts blind bags

Hi guys, and welcome to another part of Kerry’s Korner.


Today i am going to be showing you a little update on my scribblenauts blind bags.
I previously reviewed one of their blind bags and i really liked it, so……i may have bought another one 😀

so once again the boxes look like this with the odds of each getting each one on both sides



So to anyone who read my last blog about these (i will link it below) i got the lovely superman one. This time i really wanted to get the joker one but i didnt manage to get it but instead i got the super duper rare GOLDEN SUPERMAN


He is super cute and is just as well made as the other one, fits well on his base as well. This is the 1st time ever that i havent gotten a really common one from a blind bag and im super happy

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