Needing help and giving promises!!!

Look, I decided to start a YouTube and actually follow it on to make money from it. And I need a lot of help from you guys. I apologize for the emptiness of recipes (I will be trying to put some stuff up soon). I really need you guys to have a look through my channel and a have a look at some of the videos and if you want to help out; like the videos and subscribe. You could really help out by sharing the videos. I promise to put up more content and rejuvenate my Blog with food recipes and reviews. I’m sorry for not posting for a while, I’ve been having with problems with equipment as well as college.

I’m going to put up my first recipe since I stopped tomorrow. It’s a chicken and gnocchi bake, that’s incredibly delicious. As well as my unboxing of April’s Flavourly box

My channel Link:

For the people that will subscribe and give me a few likes on my videos. I thank you so much and you are awesome and always will be, no matter what anyone else will say.

Thanks so much – Jason.


Massive apologies

My laptop is broken so will have to get that fixed, the main part of this is that my content was on the internal hard drive. So if that is the problem, I wont have posts for a couple + days. I’m very sorry for this but I will be making YouTube videos as well to fill a gap.
Bye for now- Jason