Give me your thoughts!! :)

Hey, readers and all around lovely people; this is for info on how to talk to me or if you want to ask me something to do on my Blog.

Email me at

Chat to me on Twitter at @jasonfoster15 (should be called Gray Fox)

Message me on my Facebook – if you can find me.

Find me on tumblr at jason12356

And, of course, you can comment on any of the posts on my Blog.

Don’t forget that liking and following my Blog really, really helps. Sharing also helps so much more.

You guys, whoever reads my Blog, are and will be amazing for helping out, I really enjoy writing and making content, shamefully trying to get this big enough so I can actually make money so I can keep on creating tasty posts for food and movie reviews. I’m also trying to get a PVR so expect video game reviews and first impressions more often than what they currently are.


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