I do Unboxings now…It’s all the rage :P

This is my first unboxing video…so be gentle. My Geek Box is a very new subscription box in the U.K. (don’t know if they do over-seas shipping). For the price, it is excellent quality. I apologize for my voice being too low, but…you know…if you can’t hear – turn your volume up :).
There is a link in the video description, but i’ll leave it one here too.


Kracie world: Octopus poop?

Hey it’s Jason. Now, for those who don’t know what Kracie is then I shall tell you before getting into the odd title. Kracie is a really creative Japanese candy company who designed the ‘Happy Kitchen’ series; which is a series of D.I.Y candies which adorably resemble ‘real food’…only smaller and sweeter. You can find videos all over YouTube about these cute little foods, you can even find them on eBay and Amazon (both uk and us). Anyway, let’s move on the show.



This is Octopus poop or DoDotto Tsubupyon. It’s a really easy and really fun thing for children and adults, so if you want to get something edible for your little ones to play with that is an easy clean up; I’d recommend getting one of the Happy Kitchen series. 


All you do is literally add water. Fill both bowls up to the fill line and add sachet one to one of the bowls and sachet two to the other. Mix them in well with the tiny spoon. Now you get to use the pipette, which is surprisingly cute.


If you can’t tell, it’s a tiny octopus; hence the name of the product. All that you need to do suck up the dark blue liquid and squeeze it into the more opaque/cloudy liquid. When these two liquids touch it creates a simple reaction between the two mixtures; the dark blue droplets will form into tiny balls of jelly. The taste these is very reminiscent to sherbet, it’s sweet with a little tang on the after taste. It’s a lot more pleasant that I thought it would be, as having had ‘Mad Scientist’ jelly labs when I was younger; these aren’t that pleasant.



As you can see in the left bowl there are loads of little jelly balls. If you can remember earlier there was three sachets. The third sachet is to mix in with the dark blue liquid; give this a good stir and it turns the liquid into more of a creamy consistency with a definite blue raspberry sherbet flavour and smell. It’s really pleasing and, again, it’s really fun for children and adults to do.

 I really hoped that you liked reading this and I hope you will consider looking into these as they are all really easy and simple to do as well as being adorably fun. If you liked this please give the post a like and follow the blog, if you want to show your friends or parent(s) or even children this; please give it a quick share. Liking, Following and Share help a huge amount.

There will be another Kracie review later on but this weekend, however, I’ll be reviewing another Flavourly box. For now, though, Byeeee – Jason.