Hey guys and what is up? Hope you all feel interested and hungry for this month’s yummy box. Shall we begin?

If you don’t know what Flavourly is; you should really check them out. They’re a really quality subscription box for only £15 ($25) and every month they send out some delicious items from the smaller businesses that you may not have heard of. This gives a change for not only us to try some amazing food but it helps the smaller businesses grow and spread to more people. All links will be at the bottom of the post.



This month’s has a difference. This month the box has a lovely recipe card which incorporates one of the items, as well as a nice list and description of each product (which will always be saved at the end)


This is the item used on the recipe card; Umami paste. Umami is the Japanese ‘5th flavour’ which makes everything savory taste one step beyond. It can be used for everything, most noticeably for noodle soups because this paste just turns it up to 11.

Image  Image

These are mini nibs by nib nibs. These are finest ingredients mixed together to make the most delicious and filling mini cheese straws. They are buttery, crumbly, snack-sized and are absolute heaven for any cheese lover.


For those who like to be more adult about their popcorn, you really need to pop onto the website and find these. Gin and Tonic flavoured popcorn…HOW COOL DOES THAT SOUND :D. They don’t just stop there, these guys range from gingerbread, white chocolate and yummy caramel to cheese on toast, goats cheese and black pepper and madras curry. Best thing is that, when I tried these, they were not all soft; they were still crisp and tasted delicious.



Yet again another thing from Clearly Scrumptious. These are dried apple slices, the don’t taste as strong as other products but do have a very nice, refreshing taste and are perfect as a snack.



QUIBBLES are by far the best name for food and they taste so good. You can tell by the picture I was ready to dive right in, but I took a picture before. Quibbles are mixed nuts that come in various flavours, in my case they were honey roasted cashews, peanuts, almonds and macadamias…they’re all gone now and I wish I had more. Once again making an awesome snack for people on the go.


Heaven given fluffy form. These are amazing raspberry marshmallows from Belinda Clark and are by far the softest and most delicious marshmallows I’ve ever had. They’re not kidding when they say the use the finest ingredients for these little cubes of loveliness because you can really tell the difference between these and average shop bought mallows. They do a lot more flavours that this; they also do mango, strawberry and do have gift bags to carry the amount of marshmallows you’ll want to by. They would make the perfect gift.


Another item in the box is something I’ve been having quite regularly because it’s one of the best things to have before bed and even to help when you’ve got a little cold. This is liquid tea by Fruit Broo. I have honey and lemon flavour and the idea is to add one or a couple teaspoons of it in a cup and pour in some hot water and that’s it, it’s so easy for something so flavourful.


Lastly is a lentil dhal meal kit, which I have not tried yet. 

Thanks for reading guys and gals, If you like this post please give it a like and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. If you are interested in getting this box, please use the flavourly link below as it’ll save you £5 off your first box and helps me out a little too. 

Save £5 on Flavourly!



Clearly Scrumptious

Joe and Seph’s popcorn

Laura Santiini Umami

Quibbles Nibbles

Fruit Broo

Ilumi world: lentil dhal

Belinda Clark: marshmallows


Snackity Snack 4: Snackalocalypse


Hey guy, got some more snack reviews for you all. I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday, but, to make up for it; this post will be longer with an announcement at the end. I will also make an extra post later on. Now, we can begin.



Now, when you think of snacks you sometimes will believe that size matters; you don’t want anything too big that’ll make you feel drowsy and not want to eat your actual meal and not to small so that it doesn’t feel a waste. This is where Clover Bits comes in. These are pocket size crisp packets that can come in different flavours (such as chicken and taco bar-b-q). Think of these as a ‘shot’ of crisps that’ll keep you going until you can finally sit down for a meal after working hard…or hardly working. The taste is not out of this world but it’s pretty standard for crisps. The portion size, I feel, is the right amount for a snack. If you can find them around where you live, try them, they’re quite nice.




If you can recall a previous item I reviewed [the ripped open bag of sweets in Silence of the Snacks (snackity snack 3]. These are very similar in texture. The flavour of them is a nice caramel sweetness and are very good for snacking, They’re all individually wrapped so you can just take a handful of them from home to work. Just like the past sweets, they’re not hard to chew and you, alternatively, can suck on them. Be careful if you take them to work with you, other will want to try them as well.


For those of you who really want to get a snack fit for a student, ramen is the way to go. Yes, ramen (instant noodles) the alternative to Pot Noodles. Since I’m not a big fan of Pot Noodles, I usually go for packets of ramen…because they usually have a lot more flavour and a lot less salt. This is really a student meal instead of a snack but as you can cook them in less than four minutes, I’ll let it off this once. You can loads of different flavours and most of them are delicious. 

That’s all for today; I will be posting, hopefully, the rest of the snack foods and move onto other things. If you can think of anything, make sure to leave a comment and I’ll read them all. Promise. Now onto my announcement, I have a YouTube channel and I will be posting frequently, I’ve accidentally pressed a button so the rest of this will be in Italic.

 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3bDy-p2CDG3Kx1MzKfy4Q This is a link to my channel. As of yet I have no videos, but I will be uploading as frequently as possible. But for now, I’m going to figure the italics out and get to posting the extra thingy, that I hope you’ll party to.

Byyeeeee – Jason