Hey guys and what is up? Hope you all feel interested and hungry for this month’s yummy box. Shall we begin?

If you don’t know what Flavourly is; you should really check them out. They’re a really quality subscription box for only £15 ($25) and every month they send out some delicious items from the smaller businesses that you may not have heard of. This gives a change for not only us to try some amazing food but it helps the smaller businesses grow and spread to more people. All links will be at the bottom of the post.



This month’s has a difference. This month the box has a lovely recipe card which incorporates one of the items, as well as a nice list and description of each product (which will always be saved at the end)


This is the item used on the recipe card; Umami paste. Umami is the Japanese ‘5th flavour’ which makes everything savory taste one step beyond. It can be used for everything, most noticeably for noodle soups because this paste just turns it up to 11.

Image  Image

These are mini nibs by nib nibs. These are finest ingredients mixed together to make the most delicious and filling mini cheese straws. They are buttery, crumbly, snack-sized and are absolute heaven for any cheese lover.


For those who like to be more adult about their popcorn, you really need to pop onto the website and find these. Gin and Tonic flavoured popcorn…HOW COOL DOES THAT SOUND :D. They don’t just stop there, these guys range from gingerbread, white chocolate and yummy caramel to cheese on toast, goats cheese and black pepper and madras curry. Best thing is that, when I tried these, they were not all soft; they were still crisp and tasted delicious.



Yet again another thing from Clearly Scrumptious. These are dried apple slices, the don’t taste as strong as other products but do have a very nice, refreshing taste and are perfect as a snack.



QUIBBLES are by far the best name for food and they taste so good. You can tell by the picture I was ready to dive right in, but I took a picture before. Quibbles are mixed nuts that come in various flavours, in my case they were honey roasted cashews, peanuts, almonds and macadamias…they’re all gone now and I wish I had more. Once again making an awesome snack for people on the go.


Heaven given fluffy form. These are amazing raspberry marshmallows from Belinda Clark and are by far the softest and most delicious marshmallows I’ve ever had. They’re not kidding when they say the use the finest ingredients for these little cubes of loveliness because you can really tell the difference between these and average shop bought mallows. They do a lot more flavours that this; they also do mango, strawberry and do have gift bags to carry the amount of marshmallows you’ll want to by. They would make the perfect gift.


Another item in the box is something I’ve been having quite regularly because it’s one of the best things to have before bed and even to help when you’ve got a little cold. This is liquid tea by Fruit Broo. I have honey and lemon flavour and the idea is to add one or a couple teaspoons of it in a cup and pour in some hot water and that’s it, it’s so easy for something so flavourful.


Lastly is a lentil dhal meal kit, which I have not tried yet. 

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Clearly Scrumptious

Joe and Seph’s popcorn

Laura Santiini Umami

Quibbles Nibbles

Fruit Broo

Ilumi world: lentil dhal

Belinda Clark: marshmallows


March Flavourly 2014 – Release more yums.

Hey, it’s Jason with another unboxing of the delicious UK food subscription box. Shall we begin?



The first couple things you’ll notice straight away is that the box itself is a pretty decent size and is packaged with the environment in mind, as it’s packaging is recycled shredded card. All of the items are covered over with brown paper held together by the Flavourly seal. To the items…


ImageFirst thing is first – Previns Garlic Chilli Chutney. This is incredibly aromatic with definite hints of chilli. You can mix this with tomato purée to make your pizza sauce something extra special. Add this to a simple bolognese to make your pasta dishes stand out from the rest for family dinners; especially if your having guests and friends over for a house dinner. It certainly smells as excellent as it tastes.

ImageSpeaking of pasta and tomato dishes; this sun dried tomato paste from Mezze (purchasable on shop.myolivebranch.co.uk) is sure to give your pasta source a kick. You can enjoy it spread on some crisp golden bruschetta, on sandwiches that need a little jazzing up. An amazing idea would be to use this in a juicy chicken marinade; you can always just enjoy it with a spoon from the jar.

ImageThis is a pretty good snack for people that are on the go or are just wanting to have something as they work away on their computers. These are curry flavoured dried corn snacks and they’re pretty tasty.


ImageMore goodies from Previns. This is their curry kit for brining new flavours to baked beans. If you don’t like the tinned stuff, you can always buy some beans from your supermarket and prepare them in some home made tomato sauce using the sun dried tomato paste (it’s great when everything can be tied together). I haven’t tried this yet, but when I do I shall report back as I’m sure it’ll be awesomely yummy.

ImageWoo chocolate! This tasty little number is called Venezuelan Gold by Willie’s Cocoa. This is one of the best smelling chocolate squares I’ve ever smelled; I don’t know what that says about me. But trust me, with a value of £3, it’s totally worth it. I recommend that you check out the website. It’s full of all sorts of delicious. 



ImageI apologise for the blurriness of this picture as I’m not very successful at taking pictures with one hand, anyway. These, if you can’t tell from that awesome picture, are wasabi pumpkin seeds. Although I really enjoy the flavour of wasabi, I’m still not that keen on pumpkin seeds. That being put aside; I’m also the only one in the family that enjoys the taste of wasabi, so I’m probably going to eat them anyway. 😛

ImageThis is some delicious soup that I’m quite exited to try. I’ve never tasted, nor heard of, Pheasant Mulligatawny; however, I bet it tastes awesome. Yet another website for you lovely people to click through. 



ImageThe last thing in this magnificent box is the Tea Huggers: Good Night tea. These guys have tea for anything, whether it’s chilling out on a nice warm sofa or having a nice calm wake up with a mug of tea. The reason this is last on this post is that I’m going to drink it later and just enjoy it. 


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Byeeeee – Jason.