Kerry’s Korner- monthly coming soon!!

hi guys, today i will be doing a monthly coming soon section so here is it


I have signed up for nerd block this month so i can give it a try! so coming this month will be:

Nerd block unboxing
Loot crate unboxing
Might do a comparison
A Review on any Blind bags i get in my crates
Cut the Rope blind bag review
Puzzler review
Craziest dot to dot review
DC blind bag review
3D castle review


(if i get time i may post the Cut the rope blind bag review tonight or tomorrow)


many thanks for reading this and please leave a comment if theres anything you would like to see

Bye for now Kerry X



Kerry’s Korner- Nightmare before christmas blind box

Hi guys, and welcome to another part of Kerry’s Korner!

So as we all know by now i LOVE blind bags, and these are no exception. The only Blind bag so far that I havent liked was the Adventure time one (linked below) as i didnt think it was very good quality.

Now onto todays blind bag: A Nightmare Before Christmas.

The boxes look like this and the cost i believe £6.99 each which is fairly average for blind bags on the market at the moment.



One of my favourite parts of the blind bags are when they have either a card or pictures on the box of the odds of getting each different one. These blind boxes are no exception to this feature either



Of course like everyone i wanted the rarest one but that has only happened to me once and i knew that i wouldnt get a rare again. sooooo… this is who i got



He is really really nice quality with articulation in the head but not in the arms and legs. He has a squishy face which im not to sure if it was meant to be a feature or not but i think its really nice to have as it stops the figure being to top heavy, so it does stand up really nicely.
I am really considering buying a couple more of these ones and collecting a few of these.


thankyou for reading this. I really do appreciate it. Please leave a like and leave a comment below

I am debating on whether to try and video an blind box unboxing and including it (please let me know what you think) (link to adventure time blind bag)