Snackity Snack 4: Snackalocalypse


Hey guy, got some more snack reviews for you all. I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday, but, to make up for it; this post will be longer with an announcement at the end. I will also make an extra post later on. Now, we can begin.



Now, when you think of snacks you sometimes will believe that size matters; you don’t want anything too big that’ll make you feel drowsy and not want to eat your actual meal and not to small so that it doesn’t feel a waste. This is where Clover Bits comes in. These are pocket size crisp packets that can come in different flavours (such as chicken and taco bar-b-q). Think of these as a ‘shot’ of crisps that’ll keep you going until you can finally sit down for a meal after working hard…or hardly working. The taste is not out of this world but it’s pretty standard for crisps. The portion size, I feel, is the right amount for a snack. If you can find them around where you live, try them, they’re quite nice.




If you can recall a previous item I reviewed [the ripped open bag of sweets in Silence of the Snacks (snackity snack 3]. These are very similar in texture. The flavour of them is a nice caramel sweetness and are very good for snacking, They’re all individually wrapped so you can just take a handful of them from home to work. Just like the past sweets, they’re not hard to chew and you, alternatively, can suck on them. Be careful if you take them to work with you, other will want to try them as well.


For those of you who really want to get a snack fit for a student, ramen is the way to go. Yes, ramen (instant noodles) the alternative to Pot Noodles. Since I’m not a big fan of Pot Noodles, I usually go for packets of ramen…because they usually have a lot more flavour and a lot less salt. This is really a student meal instead of a snack but as you can cook them in less than four minutes, I’ll let it off this once. You can loads of different flavours and most of them are delicious. 

That’s all for today; I will be posting, hopefully, the rest of the snack foods and move onto other things. If you can think of anything, make sure to leave a comment and I’ll read them all. Promise. Now onto my announcement, I have a YouTube channel and I will be posting frequently, I’ve accidentally pressed a button so the rest of this will be in Italic. This is a link to my channel. As of yet I have no videos, but I will be uploading as frequently as possible. But for now, I’m going to figure the italics out and get to posting the extra thingy, that I hope you’ll party to.

Byyeeeee – Jason


Snackity Snack 3: Silence of the snacks


Hey, it’s Jason – back with more snack reviews. As you know or if you’re new to this blog, this is where I review interesting snacks that I find different or that I haven’t heard of before. I hope you enjoy.



Although most things I like don’t go with other people’s tastes, I was curiously cautious about this ‘snack’. Once again I wouldn’t really call this a snack, it’s more something to have at varying times through out a day; you couldn’t really eat a whole can of this in one sitting…unless you were really determined. The only thing I knew about this is that it is called herbal jelly. You get a nice, strong and re-usable folding spoon. The texture is jelly, obviously, but it seems thicker than the average wibbly-wobbly stuff. It has a very vague taste; like really watered down cough syrup, it has the same herbal taste of Jagermeister…just really, really watered down. Not saying it’s unpleasant at all. It’s just is what it is.



I tore into these before I took a packaging photo and, they’re absolutely delicious. I believe they are in two flavours according to the packaging; I can only say it’s orange and mango and lemon and strawberry…however I’m unsure. They have a very familiar texture like Starburst Gummibursts (which are fruit liquid-filled gummy sweets) but these have a much thicker centre as well as the outer layer. They’re perfect for travel snacks for long drives…etc. Honestly, for the price they’re awesome, I recommend trying to find them and just trying them. I have no idea what they’re called.


That’s it for another day guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed this little review; there will be another up tomorrow. I’m going to try and record some game footage later to smack up on YouTube and get that started. I will be posting my YouTube channel when I’ve got a few videos up. Please follow the blog to keep up. If all you can do is like and comment on this post, then that’s all I can ask and I thank you for people that decide to follow this blog. To help me out a little, please share this with your friends as much as possible, Thank you.

Byyyeeee byeeee for now – Jason.